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Screen Replacements for S6 Edge, S7 Edge and S8 Phones.

Those sumptuous Edge screens with their sexy curves provide us with a maximum sized screen in a minimal sized frame. We all want a bigger screen, but the phone still needs to fit into your pocket right? This has triggered the latest trend in Mobile phone technology, The War on Bezels

So what is a bezel anyway?

This classic iPhone will act as our model to display this. See the black area above and below the LCD and to the sides? This is called the Bezel. A couple of years ago an LCD that took up 75% of the screen area (leaving 25% for the bezel) was considered good, but now on the back of offerings from Samsung, LG, and the rumoured new iPhone 8, the sky is the limit.

As you can see on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge pictured above, the bezels on the side are virtually gone.

But why does that matter?

Well the bezel area is used to adhere the screen to the frame. if there is no bezel on the sides, especially if those sides are curved, there is simply not enough surface area to strongly adhere the screen to the alloy frame, meaning the new screen is likely the fall off or break easily. To deal with this Samsung uses pre-made factory assembled components that replace, well, most of the outside of the phone. Have a look at the the Galaxy S8 Glass/LCD/Digitizer/Frame module below:

It pretty much looks like a new phone doesn't it? Aside from the internals and your old back glass it more or less is. If you do want the back glass replaced as well, let us know and we'll do a good package deal. This is the only only way to do a professional level repair on these curved screen Samsungs.

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