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  • Admin
    Jun 8, 2017

    Every week we have some customers that get confuse about their phone's wired issue. They say the phone can get fully charge and discharge very fast, or the phone will lose 20-50% battery all of a sudden; like it drops from 80% to 60% in a minute. Some others say the phone gets turn off when the battery reaches to a certain percentage and when they connect it to the charger, it immediately turns on. All of these symptoms are related to the Battery. The point is usually phone batteries have a life cycle between 2-3 years, each battery have different cells. When one cell in between won’t work fine, the battery would start to act wired and malfunction. This issue will solve by replacing the battery. We will do this service in store quickly.
  • Admin
    Jun 7, 2017

    Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most powerful tablet/laptop devices that is available in the market. They are easy to carry, battery life is pretty good and thanks to the SSD storage they are very fast, but also expensive and very fragile. Most of the Surface Pro owners think their device is not fixable but the truth is that they are fixable and it is not very expensive as well. If you have a shattered Surface Pro screen, give us a call or simply drop it off in our shop, we will fix your device in about 2-3 days at a reasonable price. Below is a Surface Pro 4 that we fixed here in our store, you can see how it was when the customer brought it in and how it looks after it was fixed. No Need To Buy A New One, They Are Fixable.