There has been a big leak on the upcoming iPhone 8, and it's great news!

This year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and it has long been known that this year's phone would be the most revolutionary step forward since the original iPhone in 2007. Around this time of year there always are a lot of rumours and innuendo to sort through, in order to get an idea of what the new iPhone will look like. Sometimes it is good intel from well connected component manufacturers, sometimes it's about as reliable as divining tea-leaves, but on this occasion the information comes directly from Apple itself.

Apple has a device called Apple Home Pod, and according to Techly it's latest firmware update for iOS 11.0.2 was pushed out ahead of time, which is all well and good, except Apple forgot to delete mentions of it's upcoming products, including the hotly anticipated iPhone 8.

Guilherme Rambo mined into the data and came up with this pic of the cool new design:

This shows an almost bezel-free screen much like the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. It is consistent with leaks of renders, and implies the use of a curved AMOLED Display. This display will provide the kind of bright, high-contrast images that Samsung owners have enjoyed in recent years. It will also allow a larger screen without increasing the size of the device, and the AMOLED technology also allows Apple to make a thinner device.

The long rumoured edgeless display doesn't allow for the fingerprint reader on the physical home buttons, which has led to much speculation as to how Apple will provide bio metric identification on it's future iphones. Well Guilherme has unearthed the exciting solution to that dilemma. Facial recognition software!!

So when can we get our hands on the best iPhone ever?

Well let's have a look at historical iPhone release dates according to 9-5 Mac:

iPhone 5 - 12th September 2012

iPhone 5s - 10th September 2013

iPhone 6 - 9th September 2014

iPhone 6s - 9th September 2015

iPhone 7 - 16th September 2016

Are you noticing a trend? They are usually available on the shelves within a month of the announcement date. So you won't have to wait too much longer to get your hands on the most important iPhone in a generation.

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